Council Minutes

The Council approved an Angel Tree Christmas project to be coordinated by the Zion Youth Group for Zion members and by Pastor Van Orden with the Hummelstown Ministerium, to invite donations of gifts and gift cards for families of the Food Bank, with the cooperation of Elaine Gruber, Food Bank head volunteer.
On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 10:16 PM, Lois Van Orden <> wrote:
The primary focus of the September 15 council meeting was revisions/amendments to our constitution. Written and verbal reports were provided by the following committees but no action was required:

Communications Committee (verbal)
Property Committee (verbal) – all rental units are now rented to tenants
Stewardship Committee (written)
Worship & Music Committee (written)
Council also received written reports from:
Pastor Van Orden
Lynn Knepp, Ex-officio Treasurer
Alicia Winey, Youth Ministry
Cherie Pedersen, Preschool

In summary, the constitution revisions/amendments approved by Council that will be presented to the congregation at the annual meeting in February 2017, pertain to:

Chapter 10 – Congregation Meeting
Change the annual meeting from February (within the fiscal year of Jan-Dec) to the third Sunday of November (prior to the start of the fiscal year).

Chapter 11 – Officers
Terms of officers are changed to begin March 1 (instead of May 1) to coincide with the change in the annual meeting.
No officer (except the treasurer) shall be eligible to serve more than 3 consecutive terms (each term is one year).

Chapter 12 – Congregation Council
The Council may enter into contracts up to $5,000 for items not included in the budget.
The Council may incur obligations of no more than $15,000 in excess of the current year budget.

Chapter 13 – Congregation Committees
Revised wording for the Nominating Committee to coincide with the ELCA Model Constitution.
Added an article – the pastor is an ex-officio member of all committees and boards of the congregation.
The Scope of Responsibilities for each committee has been tabled for the next Council meeting to allow remaining committees to adopt a defined scope.
–The Rev. Lois K. Van Orden
Intentional Interim Pastor
Zion Lutheran Church
100 W. Main Street
Hummelstown PA 17036
church office: 717-566-2589

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