First Time Visitor

We welcome you to Zion. We trust that your worship experience is spiritually uplifting, that you are nourished in hearing the Word of God and celebrating the Lord’s Supper, and that you are warmly welcomed. Please take a moment to complete a “Visitor’s Card” and introduce yourself to the Pastor following worship. Let this first-time visit be the beginning of a new relationship with the people of God who have come to know Christ and are sent out to serve others as “God’s Hands.”

When you enter the church, here are some things to expect.

The Sanctuary is a large, beautiful worship space complemented by stained glass windows along the outside and back walls. The marble altar and the cross draw the eyes from the back of the worship space to the front Chancel area. As one continues to survey the space, the pipes for the organ, the choir area and the organ console come into view. There are two “bump out” spaces along the outside aisles. One space holds the Chapel. The other space holds the larger than life Christmas tree in the Advent/Christmas Season.

At the Sunday worship services, an usher will greet you, provide a bulletin to guide you through the worship service, and respond to your questions. A list of helpful worship notes is found on the inside cover of the bulletin. Both services are musical settings of the liturgy along with hymns. Communion distribution is continuous by table. Ushers will direct you to the communion rail by the center aisle. Please pick up a cup for wine, and if needed, a gluten free wafer and/or a glass of white grape juice. Carry your item(s) to the rail, stand or kneel as you are able, and receive the elements of Christ’s body and blood from the pastor and lay assistant. When finished, place your cup in the container on the shelf at the front pew and return to your pew by the side aisle.

Experience worship with us and you’ll want to return for more spiritual nourishment and friendly people. May God bless you in your spiritual journey and search for a new church home.

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